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Airfreight: fast and safe

If you have an urgent shipment, airfreight is the solution, especially if you do not want to be hindered by all sorts of additional inspections. As we are an IATA certified airfreight agent, you are assured a safe and fast process.

Every day around the world

  • Daily flights to and from Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Multiple flights per day to and from the most frequently visited destinations

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main airport in The Netherlands.
Schiphol is the 3rd largest cargo airport in Europe and has good links to sea, rail and road.

On an annual basis, almost 1.7 million tonnes of cargo is shipped via Schiphol.
Schiphol handles flights to 322 direct worldwide destinations in 96 countries, offered by 108 airlines.
The airport also offers 525.000m2 of warehouse space.

More information about airfreight

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