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Project cargo

We are certainly used to uncommon dimensions. Shipments are rarely too wide, long, high or heavy for us to transport. Project cargo, shipments with overheight and/or overwidth are lashed into an open top container or onto a flat rack. This includes, among other things, lengths of steel, large crates, machinery and various vehicles. And we guarantee its seaworthiness. We can do the opposite as well: unload your goods with expert skill and without damage from any type of container.

Maximum load project cargo

On our own quay we use 2 container cranes with lifting capacity up to 80 tons. The advantage of this much lifting capacity is we can load the containers to the maximum load (55 tons). The wood we use to block off shipments meets the ISPM15 guidelines and is fumigated.

Packaging options

Goods that are lashed in a open top container or on a flat rack needs protection. The packaging method depends on the type of goods, the transport method and the final destination. We will provide transparent advice with the corresponding costs.

Apart from wood and tarpaulins, we also make extensive use of shrink wrap. Shrink wrap is wind-proof and water-proof and, as opposed to crate packaging, ensures that the weight and dimensions hardly increase, so you can benefit from lower transport costs.

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