Transport by rail

Transport by rail is fast, efficient and reliable. Compared to transport by road, it’s also environmentally friendly. This is due to the number of containers carried in a single trip, the number of productive kilometres and the low emissions.

The new Silk Road: Rail to and from China

The new silk road is an 11.000 kilometre long rail connection, which travels via Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan to China and vice versa. This mode of transport promises a shorter transit time. For example, the route from Chengdu to Tilburg can be traversed in as little as 15 days. With Shanghai or Shenzhen as the point of departure, the transit time is approximately 24 days.
Transport by rail can be utilized for FCL as well as for LCL. Nearly all collection and delivery addresses can be offered upon request.

Multimodal transport

A good example of multimodal transport is the combination of rail and road transport. These two modalities fit each other seamlessly.
Transport by rail is a frequently used mode of transport for cargo exchange between the European ports and the European hinterlands. Trucks can collect from and deliver to nearly any address, to and from an ever growing number of hinterland terminals and railyards.
Consistency in the time table, frequent departures and steady routes are typical for rail transport. Alongside the flexibility and speed of road transport, the combination of these two modes is ideal for reaching your destination.
If you choose to book your rail shipment with us, we can arrange your shipment from collection address to final destination.


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