Truck vrachtwagen

Full truck loads (FTL) and groupage

Full truck loads

A Full Truck Load is the transport of a complete load. You have access to the truck’s entire load space.

Dedicated truck

We can also use an FTL for a small shipment as a dedicated truck. The expedition will be faster since the truck does not have to make any stops along the way and can go directly to the final destination. For urgent shipments, you can use such a dedicated truck.


For smaller, less urgent loads, we can also offer you groupage. Groupage is often referred to as LTL or Less than Truck Load. This type of shipment combines several smaller loads, often with different destinations, in to one trailer. Your charges comprise only the space you take up in the trailer and are calculated by weight or volume.
We offer a service, which specifically focuses on transport to and from the ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. This is familiar territory for us. Shipments that we pick up in the port of Rotterdam in the morning are delivered that same day if the recipient is in a 100-kilometre radius. The rest of the Benelux is served on the next working day.

International transport

By no means are we limited to only handling your cargo to and from the Netherlands, in fact we can service the whole of Europe. Over the years, we have built up an extensive network that allows us to service the Benelux within 24 hours and the rest of Europe within 48 to 72 hours. This applies to containers, individual items, entire trucks, non-hazardous and ADR goods.

Additional services

We also recommend that you take out transport insurance, which we can take care of for you as well.