Sometimes a container fails a gas measurement, due to the presence of excessive amounts of gas. In that case, the container needs to be degassed at a safe location. Sometimes the process can be done at the client’s premises, sometimes at the premises of the gas and fumigation specialist. This depends on the type of cargo, the type of gas and the manner of loading. External elements such as the temperature and the wind speed are also taken into account.

Degassing or ventilating?

There are two ways to degas a container: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. With natural ventilation, the container doors are opened, which allows the gas to be carried away by the wind. With mechanical ventilation, the container doors are opened and a separate door is fitted to the front. Ventilation units are connected to this door, which supplies the container with clean air.

Additional services

At your request, we can also offer you customs services and certification.

We also recommend that you take out transport insurance, which we can take care of for you as well.