You wish to transport goods that do not fit in a standard container or that are fragile and in need of extra protection? We can package your goods and prepare them for safe transport.

Packaging method

The packaging method not only depends on the type of goods, but also on the type of transport and the final destination. In cooperation with our partner, we can build wooden crates in any size – even on site, if you wish. Additionally, we make extensive use of shrink-wrapping. The foil we use is water and airtight. The advantage of shrink foil is that it hardly adds anything to the weight and measurements of the freight. This can result in lower shipping costs, compared to using a wooden package.
We will give you clear advice and a list of associated costs for every shipment.

Additional services

At your request, we can also offer you customs services and certfication.

We also recommend that you take out transport insurance, which we can take care of for you as well.