Special equipment

We are certainly used to uncommon dimensions. We are rarely faced with an object too wide, long, high or heavy for us to handle. For these transports, we make use of special equipment.
such as an open-top container (OT) or a flat rack (FR).

Securing your shipment on special equipment

Project cargo, shipments with overheight and/or overwidth are loaded and lashed into an open top container or onto a flat rack.
This includes, among other things, lengths of steel, large crates, machinery and various vehicles. Moreover, we guarantee its seaworthiness.
We can do the opposite as well: unload your goods with expert skill and without damage from any type of container.

refrigerated container (RE) is also part of our special equipment. This so called reefer container is used to transport chilled, frozen or perishable goods or goods that require temperature control.
We can provide gensets for reefer containers that keep your shipment at the desired temperature during transport over the road.

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