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Care-free storage; that is what you want as an entrepreneur. Storage is also more for you than just making sure that your goods are stored high and dry. Luckily, we see things exactly the same way.

More than storage

Since storage entails more for us than simply housing the goods, we also offer extra services like repackaging, packaging, weighing and stowage. We also provide transparent administration, so you will always know what is going on.

Safety first

We will store your goods reliably and securely in our AEO-certified and Customs Bonded warehouse. As the owner, you can access the status of your goods at any time. Since our warehouse has the AEO certificate, safety is our primary concern. Our terrain is protected with fences and cameras. If someone wants to take a look inside the warehouse, we employ strict security measures. On top of this, all our staff has successfully completed the AEO training.

Additional services

As an additional service, we are happy to take care of all your customs documents and certificates.

We also recommend that you take out transport insurance. We can take care of your insurance as well.

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