Certificate of conformity Ghana

Certificate of Conformity mandatory for shipments to Ghana

Certificate of conformity Ghana

17 Jan 2019

The Ghana Standards Authority is introducing a Verification of Conformity program, called the EasyPASS Programme.

In order to comply with this program, a Certificate of Conformity must accompany certain shipments to Ghana. The exporter needs to apply for this certificate, which is required since January 1st, 2019.

The certificate states that the products comply with international, national and even regional standards. It can be obtained through a third party inspection agency.

The objectives of the EasyPASS Programme are:
– Fast clearance on arrival in Ghana
– Protection of the consumer and the environment
– Prevention of the import of unsafe, sub-standard and/or counterfeit goods

Without the certificate, the cargo cannot be customs cleared and will be rejected. Penalties may apply as well.

The following goods need to be accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity:

– Toys, Games and Sports equipment
– Electrical and Electronic products
– Chemical Products (except household chemical substances)
– Mechanical materials and Gas appliances
– Pulp of Wood, Paper and Paperboard
– Furniture (Wood & metal based articles)
– Construction Materials
– Fuel/Petroleum Products
– Textile, Textile articles and Leatherwear
– Mining equipment and parts
– Glass and glassware

The following goods are prohibited from export to Ghana:

Second hand/used:

–              Undergarments and handkerchiefs
–              Mattresses
–              Sanitary ware
–              Refrigerators and freezers
–              LPG Cylinders
–              Counterfeit goods

Source: Bureau Veritas