Embassy Freight Rotterdam port of Rotterdam

Extreme space issues in ocean shipping

Embassy Freight Rotterdam port of Rotterdam

10 Dec 2020

Peak Season in shipping

Imports (Westbound)

From Asia and the Indian sub-continent, the extreme shortages of space and equipment are still getting worse. In Chinese ports, but also in surrounding countries such as the Republic of South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, the situation is now very problematic. Equipment is scarce and most carriers are fully booked until the end of the year. There is simply not enough capacity for the cargo on offer.

These market conditions have already pushed the rates to previously unknown highs, and more rate increases have been announced for mid-December.

The end is not yet in sight, as expectation are this situation will last until the Chinese New Year, in mid-February 2021.

Air Freight and Rail transport rates from the Far East have gone up along with the ocean freight rates, and as they normally go up in the lead up to Christmas, they will likely climb higher too.

We want to emphasize that we are truly doing our utmost to ship your cargo against the best rates and as quickly as possible.



Eastbound, from Rotterdam as well as the other North European ports, space is also very limited on near enough all routes.

Many trade lanes, most especially to the Middle East, Far East and the Indian sub-continent are fully booked for the coming weeks. Vessels to Australia and New Zealand are also effected. Space to Mexico, Canada and the USA is very limited too.

Here the shortages are also driving the prices up.

We would ask you to take this information in to account and plan your shipments with us as far in advance as possible. As ever, we will be as pro-active as we can in finding the best solution for your shipment.