Situation in Russia and Ukrainie

3 Mar 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia by NATO as a result, of
course also have a major impact on the transport sector.
It now seems that the sanctions mainly affect the export process.
Only essential (relief) goods are still exported.

Carriers have suspended their services to Odessa and Russian terminals and some are also no longer offering sailings to the Baltic States and certain ports in the Black Sea.
Road transport to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus is also almost at a standstill. In Western Europe, there
are a lot of Ukrainian drivers, which are currently unavailable for various reasons. This leads to a
major shortage of personnel and can cause delays in European road transport.
Air cargo to the Far East is also affected, as planes may no longer fly over Russian airspace. Planes
have to fly another (longer) route, which makes it many times more expensive.
For the time being, non-Western flights from Asia remain flying over Russian airspace to Europe.

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