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We have an AEO certificate for our carrier activities and we are a member of trade association FENEX.

AEO certificate

Embassy Freight Rotterdam is AEO certified. This means that your goods are subject to fewer inspections at the customs authorities. AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator.

The AEO certificate is issued by the customs authorities and indicates that a company meets all (customs) requirements with respect to international traffic of goods for which safety and security are always a priority. For instance, we must have proof of financial solvency, there should be no fraud committed and our administration must be transparent. Moreover, we have strict access control and all our employees successfully completed the AEO training.


Embassy Freight Rotterdam is affiliated with FENEX, the Dutch trade association for carriers and logistic service providers. The FENEX logo on our website guarantees our reliability. FENEX carriers continuously keep working on improving the quality and continuity of logistic systems together. Besides FENEX, we are also affiliated with BZE forwarders, the organisation of forwarders and logistic service providers.