Stuwage stevedoring


Experts in stevedoring

You are not able to load or uncharge your goods in or out the container. Nevertheless you would like to have all your goods stuffed into an open top container or to a flat rack in a seaworthy manner. Or would you like the goods to be unloaded expertly from a container or a flat rack? You can leave it to us. We call ourselves experts in stevedoring. At our own quay in Vlaardingen, we will stuff nearly everything into or onto a suitable container and unload your goods from any type of container.

Connected transport

As logistic forwarder with our own resources, we will handle your pre-transport from Europe to our terminal. Including supervision and the required licenses, when required. This also applies for post-transport services by inland shipping to the Rotterdam or Antwerp deep sea terminals.


  • AEO certified

  • Member of Fenex

  • Member of BZE forwarders