Road transport

Road transport

The entire route

Transport by road is a quicker and more reliable way of transporting goods across short distances. Even though we encourage rail and barge solutions because they are more carbon neutral, we understand that some goods are so urgently needed that the fastest option is the only option! We have also invested in many complete road solutions, so we will always be able to get your goods to your or your customer’s location on time. If we're already handling your ocean shipment, do allow us to arrange the first or last leg as well. Arranging your shipment this way, you have a single point of contact at Embassy Freight that will take care of your order from A to Z.

  • Dedicated transports

  • Climate controlled, hazardous or regular cargo

  • Economical prices

  • Flexible availability

We know the way!

Every region and every kind of cargo (hazardous, refrigerated goods, and anything else you might think of) is subject to different requirements concerning road transport. Owing to our extensive knowledge and experience, we know whom to contact and when, to get your cargo where it needs to be. Follow us, we know the way! 

Reliable, fast and safe

Shipments going from point A to point B within the Netherlands or Europe are usually transported by road. Embassy Freight Rotterdam B.V. is an excellent partner for road shipments because we have built an extensive network over the years that allows us to service the Benelux within 24 hours and the rest of Europe within 48 to 72 hours.



The CMR document is required for road transport. CMR stands for the French name,  ‘Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par la Route’. It is an international agreement that lists the rights and obligations of the parties involved in road transport: the shipper, carrier and consignee.


And for all your Dutch national transports, we work with AVC transport conditions. (Algemene vervoerscondities, 2002 edition) The AVC are mainly used to determine liability of the haulier, in case of goods damaged in transit. Do note that if a CMR is also issue, it overrules AVC conditions. 

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Your road transport, our expertise

We offer all services and information necessary to make sure your road transport goes as smoothly as possible. Explore our many services to find out more.

This is what we do

Wherever in the Netherlands or Europe you need your cargo moved to, allow us to collect and deliver - We make your transport look effortless! 


This was one of our favorite shipments ever! You're looking at a 12.75 meter dredging boom! We shipped this beauty to Turkey. 

Lashing for transport

Need to lash your machine? We lashed this impressive machine on to a flat rack for transport!

Sift your worries away

Embassy Freight can care for your machines from door-to-door! Like this sifting machine we shipped to an inland destination in Iceland.